Grape: 100% Nebbiolo from field grapes since 1512 in a limited hilly territory extending through 11 communi of Langha

Ageing: 4 yrs in Slovenian oak barrel, then 6 mths in bottle

Colour: Ruby red

Taste: An austere and complex wine, rich in refined hints of small red fruit, in maturity acquires complex ethereal characters highlights a wide bouquet of sensations of white truffle, dried withered pink mushrooms and liquorice; complex, full, sumptuous, plenty of tannins with a solid yet balanced dry taste

Serving Suggestions: red meats, braises, rich first courses, game, grilled meat and strong cheeses

Serving temp: 18-20oC – It is advisable to uncork the bottle a few hours before serving

Alcohol Content: 14% vol.

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